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What is typically included in copy editing?


  • Ensuring your work is free from all language errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling, typography) and has a unified style, sentence structure, coherence while being tailored to your audience.

  • Rewriting to make changes to sentences, paragraphs, and sections.

  • Ensuring the clarity and conciseness of your content by eliminating unnecessary or duplicated wording.

  • Moving sections of text within the content, so your writing flows to guide the reader through the piece.

  • Updating headings and formatting to make the content easy to scan and understand. 

  • Reviewing the piece for any confusing or ambiguous language and explaining jargon, acronyms, or other unusual terms.

  • Establishing the context and positioning of your content to engage your audience.

  • Reviewing and upgrading existing content with SEO tactics, keywords, etc.

  • Editing your work to a style or brand guide.

  • Using a flexible, friendly, expert approach that meets your content needs.


I offer English copy-editing services and can edit to U.K. and U.S. English.



After editing and proofreading

English proofreading and editing before.
Editing and proofreading award submissio

The task

This document was prepared for an award submission in October 2019.


The original text was created and translated by the Client from Hungarian to English. My task was to proofread the English version and edit as necessary to create an easy to read submission that flows and convinces.




The Client felt that the translated English version was average. Some of the text was hard to read, understand and follow. The layout made it difficult to digest content.



  • The text was proofread, and the translation was fine-tuned.

  • The formatting and layout were also updated. Note how the justified margin makes it look more polished.

  • References to different currencies were unified throughout the document. In the original text, the currencies HUF and EUR were mentioned in various formats.

  • This was unified using only EUR for all values in the report as the submission was intended for a reader who will be familiar with EUR but not necessarily HUF.

  • Reformatting of the Excel graph was suggested as the columns were in the wrong order (saving displayed before the benchmark and April displayed before Feb/March). Since I did not have access to the original source Excel file, I quickly made a new one that looks cleaner and easier to understand. I still kept with the original blue and orange color scheme, as this was important to the style of the submission design.


The Client was pleased with the result and confident to make his submission to the award panel.

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