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Hello, I'm Mariann...and the word is my oyster.

I never thought I would be writing.

My first and last writing gig was submitting a children's short story to some county competition when I was about 10. I wasn't sure of the grade of my story, so in my best attempt to impress the judges, I focused on marketing my story:  I made a book sleeve out of silver foil that looked really... shiny.

It worked. A few months later, I was announced the winner, and a book was presented to me as the first prize for my efforts.

Spent the next 20 years doing other things, mostly writing down other people's ideas and making them presentable for other people to buy into. Some were good, and some were genius. Some were dull. Those were the best to learn from.

In my spare time, I ended up doing CVs and resignation letters. Proofreading annual presentations and last-minute award submissions. Suggesting suitable words and phrases for restaurant menus or social media posts. Doing mini-surveys among friends and anyone who would participate to see if they would choose a refreshing drink of "raspberry cordial" over a "raspberry fizz" if given a choice. Transcribing podcasts for start-ups who had no time, assistant, or will to do it.

Now I've come to realize the word is my oyster, and the challenge of it has given me vast opportunities.

I invite you to click through my specialties to discover where I can assist in creating your unique content that speaks for your product,  endeavor, or passion.


Lisa D.

Mariann was great to work with and paid close attention to detail! I'm hoping to use her again in the future and want to encourage you to do so as well!

Chiron O.

Mariann was a pleasure to work with. She communicated well and addressed all concerns early enough to allow us to work together to find solutions that benefited both parties. Her work was excellent and I would definitely recommend her. I will certainly re-hire her in the future. Thanks!

Stanislav S.

I liked working with Mariann. We made an amazing book description!




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