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Get your high-converting landing page copy by
the end of next week

Strategic offer and copy optimization for premium brands
determined to own their category of ONE

Give my offer and landing page copy the grand slam treatment

Send me a FREE mini optimization guide for my current offer or headline


Go from maintenance to real growth with unbeatable offers your prospects simply can't leave behind...

Marketing ops teams and digital marketing agencies 

Mariann Roberts Copywriter

Optimizing landing pages, headlines and USPs since 2018 * Remarkable copy for premium offers *  Helping VPs, CMOs and Product Marketers avoid losing many nights of sleep over
headlines, CTAs, customer journeys *Always on the lookout for
the small details


"After working with Mariann I now have a MUCH greater appreciation for the subtleties in what makes great copywriting. There’s a big difference between good and great, and that difference can have a significant impact on how people view your website, and brand."

Marie Ng, Founder, LlamaLife

Tick all that you know too well:

Long lead times with an average 6-week project time for a single copy project means most of my ideas are stuck in the concept stage

Briefing, onboarding and managing various copywriters take up a HUGE chunk of my (otherwise spoken for) time

Projects run into months vs weeks because there are simply too many moving elements for me to manage (marketing, branding, copy, design, and development)


Mariann Roberts out of date website.png
your website.png

If only unforgettable copy didn’t take WEEKS to 
write (and months to publish…)  

… on top of researching, hiring, and managing copywriters

Not being able to launch your offers fast enough because you’re always waiting on something or someone may be costing you a great deal.

You need remarkable copy and profitable offers without the long lead times…

More clicks and higher profit margins are closer than you think with 

processes and frameworks used by A-list copywriters and marketers

Target Highly Qualified Prospects 

Speak to the 2-7 % of prospects that are ready to buy from you TODAY and see your conversion rates lift

Present One-of-a-Kind Offers

Charge premium prices so you compete in the category of one–vs some overcrowded arena where everyone else is cramming for a small slice of action… (there’s no profit left there…just crumbs)

Engage the Rest of your Prospects


(Up to 98%!) who are not ready to buy just yet–but will immediately think of you when they are…

Unleash Every Possible Way


To increase average purchase value and repeat buys so your business grows

(if you’re maintaining… you’re dying…)

In just 14 days... not months!

Too many marketers don’t get around to 
executing their vital copy projects

Are you one of them?

Coming up with concepts, meetings, hiring, budgeting, explaining, managing teams leave you zero capacity to oversee a copy project

Creating content, case studies, guides, social media posts max out your internal copy team as it is

Finding the right copywriter for your project, asking for recommendations and managing yet another freelancer isn’t particularly appealing to you

Uttering the words, “This does not sound like our brand” have left you in a cold sweat before and you’d hate to find yourself in this nightmare scenario… again

Editing rounds that take weeks, getting approval on the copy from above and the design and development phase make you want to rethink the idea of updating anything…

mariann roberts confused client.png
Vadim R.PNG

"Mariann provided very high-quality work with no edits needed."–Vadim R, School16

Grand slam offers and remarkable copy in days

Less managing people, and more getting this done right

in three simple steps

mariann roberts magic.png
mariann roberts magic.png
mariann roberts magic.png
mariann roberts magic.png
mariann roberts magic.png
mariann roberts magic.png

A kick-off call

Tell me about your business and where you want to be

Get your expert copy

with an upgraded offer to inspire your audience

Enjoy the results

More clicks and more sales while charging premium prices

All that in just 14 days?


Give my offer and landing page copy the grand slam treatment

No lengthy discovery calls, pitches, sales cycles, or onboarding. Just offers that are too good to miss and 

landing page copy in a matter of days.

Chris I.jpg

"Not only did Mariann deliver a great product, her advice and guidance along the way was amazing. Every conversation with her was a pleasure."

Chris I, GetCoached360

Your biggest advocate for 
executing every project on your list



Mariann here.


Imagine turning down a proposal from a copywriter for a project you needed done (yesterday) because there’s a waitlist of several weeks to even get started... Instead, you delegate the task to an already over-subscribed in-house team member…


… that turns out to be an utter disaster because, in reality, nobody has the time to spend DAYS on coming up with USPs, one-liners, headlines and microcopy to anticipate buyer objections…


Which is exactly what happens to too many marketing ops teams. 


Internal teams spend days in a silo on research, writing and coming up with new angles (... in-between zoom calls, content creation, SM posts and urgent one offs…)


With all that, they’re still likely to end up with a questionable-sounding, mish-mash page that’s only marginally better than the one before… 


You know that hiring a copywriter is the right solution, but often, it’s difficult to find a pro with a short lead time and fast turnaround.


That’s why, as pragmatic and fanatical as I am about getting copy delivered and published as fast as possible (without compromising on quality and effectiveness) I’ve come up with a system that gives you landing page copy in just 14 days.


I offer an affordable copy solution most businesses can’t do without–with a predictable outcome that’s worked for premium brands with minimal effort from your side.


The kind your business and team can greatly benefit from (and wished you had access to months ago).


Nothing trendy or TikTok-worthy here… just one-of-a-kind offers and copy that’ll help you free yourself from the prickles of landing page projects.


Stress, inefficiency and waiting around for people are out.


Processes, frameworks and never-before-seen results are in.

mariann roberts zoom.png
Mariann Roberts copyhackers landing pages
Mariann Roberts Copyhackers Launches
Copyhackers Emails Mariann Roberts Copyw
Mariann Roberts copyhackers sales pages
Mariann Roberts Facebook Ads Copyhackers
HD portrait.png

Get access to the processes and frameworks used by A-list copywriters and marketers

Here's what you can expect:

Submit a short inquiry form — and get a response within 24 hours.

If we're a good fit, we’ll take 30-mins to talk about your project and see where you want to be when it’s complete. This is followed by a longer, 60-min kick-off call with all your team.


(If we're not a good fit, I’ll gladly connect you with another copywriter from my extensive network who can help you with exactly what you need).


Sign NDA, if required.


Send me a sample or access to your product/service/solution along with current content and brand guide (if you have any).


Get your messaging recommendation report and landing page skeleton halfway through the project. We'll go through and fine-tune it together on a Zoom call.


Once you're happy with the details of your upgraded offer and copy, I'll finalize the copy and the wireframe.


Your copy is delivered via a Zoom call on day 14. 


Pre-agreed weekly or bi-weekly progress calls will keep you on track and in the know. Zoom, Slack, Asana, Notion, Trello... whatever works for you.

on time.png
Untitled 10.png

Give my offer and landing page copy the grand slam treatment

... micro-management free, fluid process. It's a promise.

Join the dozens of savvy marketers and agencies already getting their projects completed without
the copy delay

Working with a conversion copywriter pays you dividends beyond a better-sounding headline.

You get access to the latest conversion optimization approaches, A-list copywriters’ toolboxes (without dropping 35K on a sales page!) and benefit from the wins (and lessons learned) top marketers discuss in private mastermind groups. 


Your prospects feel understood and gladly sign up for your offer and buy your product because they know how you help them solve their problems. Your entire business benefits from more sales and you can return to what you do best — growing it.


And while you’re awaiting your copy, with regular updates and communication, you’re never left wondering about the next steps or having to wait days for a reply.

mariann roberts your new website.png
new website.png

Expert copy as fast as humanly possible…

… without compromising on quality and effectiveness

Mini Brainstorming Session


You get: 

Uncover Your Hidden Opportunities



14-Day Landing Page Lift-Off



Get your USP, headline or one-liner reviewed by a fresh pair of expert eyes. 

You’ll get a: 



5-min video recording with three actionable tips you can implement yourself right away.


Delivered to your inbox with my best tips within 48 hours.


For when you’re certain your landing page needs an overhaul but you’re not entirely convinced what direction you should take (and want to avoid expensive trial and errors.)


You’ll get  a:


10-page detailed written guide on my findings and hidden opportunities for optimization (you can go ahead and implement them yourself right away.) 


Delivered to your inbox in just 48 hours. 



Upgrade your offer and landing page copy in just 14 days.


You’ll get:


Conversion focused copy for a landing page selling a single product or service taking your customer from being in pain to pressing the purchase button, or


Conversion focused copy for 5 pages (eg. home, About us, services, FAQ, pricing and services)

Your one-liner, aka elevator pitch, you’ll use in your sales emails and pitches

Your USP that’ll guide your future offers and copy


Your best offer yet–grand slam your offer so people would be dumb to leave your page and not buy!

Wireframe of the copy so your designer and developer team don’t have to start from blank

No headache, easy editing process even if you have a team assigned to the project

Support with implementation to make sure the persuasiveness of the copy isn’t lost during the design and development process

WHOAA!! All that!

Request now

Request now

Give my offer and landing page copy the grand slam treatment

... fill in a *short* form (less than two minutes) and you're on your way to

irresistible offers and high-converting landing pages!

Free Mini Brainstom
Discover Your Hidden Opportunities
14-Day Lift-Off

You’ll love what your upgraded offer and copy will
do to your business… 

100% guaranteed!

I’m fanatical about delivering solid value and quality. 


While the logistics and the nature of writing sales copy mean that I’m unable to offer a money-back guarantee (imagine returning 20 pages of words and several pages of wireframes?), I’m 100% confident your customers will love reading (and acting on!!) the copy so much so, you’ll soon be considering moving on to your next copy project… 


But if you don’t receive at least a dozen compliments on your new copy from delighted customers who purchased from you within a week of publishing it, I’ll re-write the page until you do!

customer feedback on copy.jpg

Your fastest way to offers your

prospects won't want to miss…


All you have to do is

decide which offer you want to start with!

Give my offer and landing page copy the grand slam treatment

Fill in a brief form with the most essential details and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to get your copy project moving

Is the 14-Day Landing Page Lift-Off for you?

Is the 14-Day Landing Page Lift-Off for you?

Play Video

And while the response is on your way...

... here are some savvy techniques you can use in

your copy right away!

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